In autumn 1993, film producer Ilmar Taska founded Kanal 2, Estonia’s first television channel based on private capital. The first day of the channel started on Oct. 1, 1993 with the domestic animation “Kapsapea”.

Today, Kanal 2 is Estonia’s most popular television channel which offers the best moments throughout the week. Television program ratings show that Estonian audiences value the most the domestic television production broadcast on Kanal 2, the share of which in the programme has been maximised. Constant boosting of the quality of domestic television production has guaranteed a loyal audience for Kanal 2, which is expressed in high viewer numbers of shows and series.

The flagship of Kanal 2 is Estonia’s most popular newscast “Reporter”, and the hearts of viewers have been won by many popular television series throughout the years, including “Pilvede all”, “Naabriplika”, “Radar”, “Kodutunne”, “Nädalalõpp Kanal 2ga”, and many more. Kanal 2 presenters are also the most popular in Estonia.

Besides domestic production, Kanal 2 continues to offer its viewers quality foreign production, including popular series and films.

The versatile programme of Kanal 2 can be viewed again at Foreign as well as domestic shows are popular on VeebiTV and viewers can watch these on mobile phones and tablets. Several television shows and series can also be watched live on VeebiTV if the channel has necessary broadcasting rights.