The self-confident, restless, provocative, unapologetic and uncompromising magazine 30+ is the punk on the Estonian media landscape. With a playful smile and sparkling eyes it looks and sneaks around in places where others don’t dare to enter, doing things that others don’t have the nerve and balls for. Just for the fun of it as well as the curiosity.

30+, which can be read on a smartphone or a tablet, definitely stands out with its innovative design and promising technical platform, which allows to also relay sound and video besides text and photos.

By giving the floor to more scandalous columnists and thinkers, musicians, poets, writers and other specialists besides professional journalists, 30+ wants to urge its readers to see the world more broadly and maybe from another angle than they’re used to.

Yes, 30+ is colourful and eclectic, both in its content and form. But life also consists of countless facets with different colours, sizes and shapes. And the mind and feelings of a person who has reached the 30+ age should also reflect that.

The free magazine, which is published 12 times a year and has been customized for Apple and Android platforms, is reaching new readers every day and can be found on more than 5,000 smart devices.