60+ is a magazine for experienced people and is a kind of additional value for readers of Pärnu Postimees, Sakala, Virumaa Teataja, Järva Teataja and Valgamaalane since the readers of these five newspapers get the magazine for free. The magazine can also be ordered separately. The magazine 60+ reaches more than 5,000 readers from other counties. In addition, it is distributed for free in pensioners’ clubs and associations in Tallinn, Tartu and elsewhere.

Although the magazine is titled 60+, it is also meant for younger people who are helping their parents make important decisions as well as for those who want to think about and prepare for important future decisions early on. In addition to longer analyses and commentary, the magazine also contains many shorter stories that give advice about health, the law, diets and tips on how to better manage everyday life. The magazine is published 12 times a year. It has 40 pages and its circulation is 45,000 copies.