Koolilõpp is a trademark under which two different lines of products meant for students graduating from primary or secondary school are published. Koolilõpp Päevaraamat is published at the start of the school year (in August) and Koolilõpp Kogumik is published at the end of the school year (in Apil, May). Koolilõpp Päevaraamat is a free appointment diary which is distributed among secondary school seniors. Koolilõpp Kogumik is a memento which is nice to read even years later to recall one of the most important events of a person’s life ‒ graduation. Koolilõpp Kogumik contains the primary and secondary school graduates of one county. Every graduating class has one page to introduce themselves (a class photo) and their thoughts (creation).

All Koolilõpp publications are distributed for free directly among the target group. It has 48‒96 pages and its circulation depends on the number of students.