Maa Elu

As of December 2015, every Thursday nearly 80,000 readers have the opportunity to read Maa Elu, which was born when two newspapers merged. The two newspapers that were merged are Maa Elu, which was published twice a month as of October 2014 as part of five county newspapers ‒ Pärnu Postimees, Sakala, Virumaa Teataja, Järva Teataja and Valgamaalane ‒ and Maaelu Edendaja, which was published with Postimees once a month since September 2013. 

And so Maa Elu, which has become the most popular weekly, continues on the path of its two predecessors: Maa Elu is meant for entrepreneurial country folks. For those who grow crops, vegetables and fruits, from whose farms we get our meat and milk, from whose forests our wood comes from, for those who fish or hunt, for those who offer tourism experiences in their farms. For those who make sure that rural entrepreneurs’ lives are easier with every technology possible. For those who make field and forest produce into concrete products which everyone can buy. There are lots of energetic and entrepreneurial people in the countryside. 

Maa Elu does not look for answers to questions about whether it is possible to live in the countryside. Success stories of hundreds of farms, agricultural and forestry enterprises provided a clear answer to that question a long time ago. Maa Elu shows readers the real country life in all its diversity.