Radio Elmar has been one of the most popular private radio stations in Estonia for nearly 20 years. Radio Elmar, which has been on the air since 1997, is definitely a unique radio station. The uniqueness of Elmar can mostly be seen in the fact that only songs performed by Estonian artists, most of which are sung in Estonian, can be heard on the radio.

The phenomenon of the radio station, in addition to songs in Estonian, is definitely the friendliness of the radio presenters and entertaining shows: the morning programme “Ärka kaunis maa”, day programme “Päevapüüdja” with its exciting games, a big music request show and popular weekend broadcasts, like “Eesti lugude edetabel”, “Lotokarussell”, “Elmari tantsuõhtu”, etc. Elmar is also the most popular commercial radio among Estonians on weekends.