AS Kroonpress

Printing house Kroonpress, which was founded in 1990, is the leading printing house in the Baltics today. Modern equipment and competent staff, many of whom have worked at the company for at least 20 years, guarantee the quality of products of Kroonpress which meet today’s highest standards.

Since Kroonpress was initially a newspaper printing house, the company knows the real meaning behind words like “fast” and “must”. The technical maintenance staff of Kroonpress knows how to handle even the most complicated machinery. The security of provision of Kroonpress is highly valued on the market.

  • Unquestionably the most modern printing house in the Baltics.
  • The most experienced printing house in the region with its 25-year printing history.
  • Competency in newspaper, magazine as well as sheet printing.
  • A wide range of post-processing and other possibilities.

In 2015, export amounted to 62% of the printing revenue and 78% of the magazine revenue. Kroonpress sells its products to nine countries, and besides neighbouring countries also to the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The Greenline Print service platform (, which was created by AS Kroonpress, enables to see, calculate and assess the carbon footprint of printed products, the size of which is shown to end consumers using a unique carbon label on the Scandinavian and Baltic markets. 

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