News agency BNS

BNS is a news agency which offers real-time information services aimed at professionals since 1990.

BNS aims to provide full and reliable real-time coverage of domestic and international news – from politics and business to culture and sports. The strengths of BNS are the academicism of the newsfeed, operative translation into English, Russian, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian, an extremely thorough and technically impeccably functioning journalistic archive since 1991, in addition to a so-called broad view or covering news in every walk of life.

BNS delivers nearly 500 professionally edited news a day, and in cooperation with Latvia and Lithuania the number of news is around 1,500.

In addition to most Estonian media outlets, the newsfeed is also used by the whole diplomatic body, hundreds of companies and a large part of public offices.

When offering international information, BNS cooperates with the world’s leading news agencies Agence France-Presse (AFP), Associated Press (AP), Interfax as well as the national agencies of Finland, Poland and Austria.

BNS guarantees operative newsfeed to the whole world.