TVNET is one of the leading news portals in Latvia.

TVNET portal was launched in September 2000, offering local and world news on politics, economics and society as well as information about new technologies, entertainment and discussion possibilities. Live newscasts and a video archive was created in cooperation with the “Latvian Independent Television” and “Latvian State Television”.

TVNET offers information both in Latvian and Russian. The number of visitors has reached more than 300,000 real users on average per working day.

In 2015, TVNET launched an online television project, which become the most popular Latvian Internet television channel in January 2016.

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    In 2014, TVNET bought the third most popular news site in Latvia,

    Apollo produces daily news on politics, social problems and criminal events in Latvian language. Apollo was first launched in 1997 as an online platform for digital services that are not of media content.

    Apollo was one of the first platforms to offer Television services on the Internet in Latvia. In 2006 other digital services were dropped from Apollo and it continued to function as a news sites on a daily basis.