Eesti Meedia and Estonian Equestrian Federation sign cooperation agreement

July 02, 2016

Thursday, June 30 marked the “Birth of the Media Foal” and the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Estonian Equestrian Federation and Eesti Meedia with a fun family day at the Veskimetsa Ratsakeskus.

“Eesti Meedia is glad to launch broad-based cooperation with the Estonian Equestrian Federation one example of which is the possibility to watch live broadcasts of more than ten riding events in Estonia via the Postimees news portal,” said CEO of Eesti Meedia Sven Nuutmann. In addition to broadcasts, riding enthusiasts can find all the latest news of the sport and riding in general on a dedicated page at

Secretary General of the Estonian Equestrian Federation Siim Nõmmoja said that the cooperation agreement is of significant consequence in terms of the development of riding in Estonia. “Our sport is unique, bringing together beautiful horses and athletic thrill, which is why we are glad we can share it with an even bigger audience thanks to cooperation with Eesti Meedia,” Nõmmoja said. He added that the federation has set itself the goal of taking riding among the ten most popular sports in Estonia, and that the cooperation agreement at hand will surely help in that regard.

The signing of the agreement was celebrated in one of Estonia's better-known riding centers in Veskimets. Guests who attended the event titled “Birth of the Media Foal” were treated to demonstrations of three riding disciplines. The skills on display belonged to dressage, show-jumping, and driving experts. The event gave people the chance to see and touch the horses; more courageous visitors tried their hand at riding or driving a carriage.