Eesti Meedia and Postimees support nationwide social campaigns

June 12, 2016

Editor-in-chief of Postimees and member of Postimees Group Merit Kopli announced on the Republic of Estonia 100 information day that because the republic and Postimees have historically walked hand in hand, the company wants to actively participate in celebrating the country's anniversary. Since it is in Postimees' power to make important social topics heard, Postimees and other Eesti Meedia media companies will offer media support for nationwide social campaigns the values of which align with those of Postimees throughout the anniversary year.

Postimees will celebrate its 160 anniversary next year as a kind of warm-up to the anniversary of the republic. The anniversary year's keyword will be consideration. “We will celebrate the anniversary together with the entire nation, and we want to make our contribution so that Estonia would be a good place to live in, that we would have more children, that people would be safe here. And so we have decided that Eesti Meedia media companies will offer free media support for nationwide social campaigns that coincide with Postimees' values and help make life better,” Kopli said. She added that it has always been the mission of Postimees to help maintain Estonian language and culture, keep people informed, and direct attention to shortcomings as society's watchdog. “That is how Estonia will be made better.”

Postimees' anniversary events will take place throughout the year and on a grand scale, more so as next year the anniversary will be celebrated by other companies in Eesti Meedia group – leading county newspapers, Trio radio group, several television channels led by Kanal 2, news agency BNS, classifieds portals KV, Osta, and Soov, Kroonpress printing house, as well as news portals in Latvia and Lithuania.

Postimees will pass the torch of the main organizer to the Republic of Estonia at the end of 2017.

The Republic of Estonia 100 program will begin in April of 2017 with the anniversary of the unification of Estonian territories and will be concluded with the anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Tartu in February of 2020. The program already includes more than 200 events.