Kanal 2 television format wins international television programs contest

June 29, 2016

Charity auction show “Parim pakkumine” that was born out of cooperation between AS Eesti Meedia's Kanal 2 and Osta.ee portal, and producer Osakond won the international television programs competition “Pitch & Play Live” at its final held in Budapest on Wednesday, June 29.

This summer's biggest and most important NATPE marketplace original formats competition “Pitch & Play Live” was just won by Kanal 2's charity auction program “Parim pakkumine”. The judges' panel found the Estonian format to be clearly distinctive and concluded that despite its small size, Estonia makes great shows. Representative of Kanal 2, Nele Paves, who presented the show in the final, said that the judges highlighted the program's versatility – excitement, charity aspect, and positive entertainment.

The “Pitch & Play Live” contest was held for the first time to offer Eastern and Central European formats a chance to break through to the international television market. Other finalists beside “Parim pakkumine” included two grand studio shows from Ukraine – humor program “Crack Them UP. Kids” and talent show “Pick the Right Box”. All finalists sported an innovative approach and potential for success on the international television market. “Parim pakkumine” has already sparked interest among television producers and distributors that serves as reason to hope that the charity auction show will make it onto the screens of other countries.

“Parim pakkumine” is a show born out of cooperation between Kala 2, Osta.ee, and producer Osakond, where well-known Estonians donate their personal belongings at a real-time online auction. “Parim pakkumine” aired in spring and raised tens of thousands of euros for charity.