LETA to help develop new multilingual media monitoring system

March 02, 2016

This week in Edinburgh, scientists, information and communication technology researchers, as well as media professional from five countries gathered to begin developing the SUMMA (Scalable Understanding of Multilingual Media) project, which aims to build a new multilingual media monitoring system.

Latvia is represented by the national information agency LETA.

Also participating in the project is the BBC, Deutsche Welle, the Idiap Research Institute, the Qatar Computing Research Institute, University College London, the University of Edinburgh Project and others.

The aim of SUMMA is to significantly improve media monitoring by creating a platform to automate the analysis of media streams across many languages, to aggregate and distil the content, to automatically create rich knowledge bases, and to provide visualizations to cope with this deluge of data.

The project aims to build an automated system that will not only monitor hundreds of international TV channels, radio stations, online articles and social media; this system will also be able to observe trends and detect news stories and events in several languages.

The project has been granted over EUR 6 million by the EU as part of the Horizon 2020 project program.