Marko Kaljuveer to start work as senior producer at Eesti Meedia

August 16, 2016

Experienced television journalist Marko Kaljuveer will start work as Eesti Meedia's senior producer from September and will be in charge of sporting events broadcasts in the group's media companies.

Chairman of the board of AS Eesti Meedia Sven Nuutmann said that Eesti Meedia has made it its goal to increase the relative importance of domestic sports broadcasts in both the group's online and television channels, mainly Kanal 2 and Kanal 12.

“It is the goal of Eesti Meedia to boost volume of sports broadcasts, bringing important sporting events straight to people's homes. I value Marko Kaljuveer's extensive television experience highly, and I believe he will help make Eesti Meedia an important player in the world of sports broadcasts,” Nuutmann added.

Kaljuveer said that it is his goal to bring big important events to Eesti Meedia channels. “If you think or do anything, it makes sense to do it big,” Kaljuveer said and asked by implication why couldn't Eesti Meedia air broadcasts from the Olympic games in the near future.

“We will prioritize everything Estonian sports fans might find interesting,” Kaljuveer added.

Kaljuveer will also continue as the head of the Estonian Golf Association.