Postimees Group to support Avatud Eesti Raamat (Open Estonian Book) series

May 19, 2016

Postimees Group AS will support the publication of the Avatud Eesti Raamat series with 650,000 euros in the next five years.

Postimees Group AS and the Estonian Cultural Endowment signed a contract for support for the endowment's translation program Avatud Eesti Raamat on Friday. According to the agreement, Postimees Group will support the series with a total sum of 650,000 euros over five years, the cultural endowment's press representative told BNS. The council of the Estonian Cultural Endowment will support the project with at least 350,000 euros over five years.

The contract was signed by Postimees Group AS board member Peep Kala, chairman of the council of the Estonian Cultural Endowment Indrek Saar, and head of the endowment Olavi Laido.

Minister of Culture Indrek Saar said that the agreement is a brilliant example of successful public and private sector cooperation in the field of culture. “This meritorious book series has enriched Estonian with a lot of words and philosophical terms. I am glad that the Avatud Eesti Raamat series will continue to provide us with works that refine our beautiful mother tongue and help it develop,” Saar said.

Avatud Eesti Raamat is a translation program of philosophical and theoretical texts. The series currently includes nearly 180 books. The aim of the program is to support translators, commentators of valuable philosophical and other theoretical works, as well as editors of such compendiums; also publishing houses in making the texts available.

The cultural endowment has financed the project with more than 400,000 euros in 2005-2015, while private sponsors have contributed a total of 500,000 euros in 2011-2016.

The series consists of 177 works published since 1994; translators and publishers are currently working on 75 books in various stages of completion. Twenty books were published as part of the series last year.

Source: Baltic News Service