Postimees largest on wings of new portals

January 26, 2016

The number of Postimees' readers grew to more than two million individual browsers a week as a result of new portals joining the group, clearly outperforming the viewer base of recent market leader Delfi.

Data from web statistics provider TNS Metrix suggests Postimees' online environments were visited from 1,976,845 individual browsers last week, while Delfi portals under competing media group Ekspress Grupp were visited from 1,859,132 browsers. Users of Postimees' advertising network used 2,075,267 different browsers.

This considerable growth in readers was brought on by the addition of classifieds portals and to the media group's portfolio of online environments.

“We try to be where the readers are and offer information that is important, useful, or simply interesting to the reader,” said editor-in-chief of Postimees Merit Kopli.

CEO of Eesti Meedia Sven Nuutmann added that the group has never tried to hide its ambition of becoming the leader of online media in the Baltic region, and that fresh statistics show it has already managed that goal in Estonia. “This is only the beginning, as we have a long-term investments plan both in terms of people and technology,” Nuutmann emphasized.

He said the media company has considerably increased investments into development of Postimees' portals in recent months, which is something readers are bound to notice in the form of considerably improved user experience. The group's policy of banning anonymous comments from next week shows that Eesti Meedia is not willing to grow the number of readers at all costs but instead aspires to do it while maintaining quality.