"Spordiaasta Tähed 2016" to be broadcast on Kanal 2 this year

September 08, 2016

"Spordiaasta Tähed 2016," the traditional gala event concluding the year of sports and culminating in the announcement of the athletes of the year will reach the television audience of Estonia this year on Kanal 2 television channel belonging to Eesti Meedia group.

Under an agreement between the Estonian Olympic Committee and Eesti Meedia, the "Spordiaasta Tähed 2016" gala event broadcast live on Kanal 2 will take place immediately after the Christmas Holidays, on December 27, at Nordea Concert Hall.

The president of the Estonian Olympic Committee, Urmas Sõõrumaa, said the change of the media partner for the annual gala event concluding the year of sports was mainly due to the wish to reach an even bigger portion of Estonian society. "Sport as an area of life is special and definitely also very important for the society more broadly. The gala event concluding the year of sports is one of the main annual events of Estonian sports. Our aim is to highlight sport and our sports heroes to the widest possible target audience. In achieving this goal more extensive media coverage offered by the various channels of Eesti Meedia - television, radio, online media, local and national newspapers - is a great help," Sõõrumaa said.

In the past half-year Eesti Meedia has committed itself to providing media coverage to Estonian sport and promoting it, which is demonstrated by an increasing amount of sports competitions and events getting coverage on the various channels of Eesti Meedia. The CEO of Eesti Meedia, Sven Nuutmann, finds that live broadcast of the "Spordiaasta Tähed 2016" gala on Kanal 2 is a great recognition for Eesti Meedia. "We are very pleased that Eesti Meedia and the Estonian Olympic Committee adhere to the same values and have the same vision as regards promoting sports," Nuutmann said. He added: "When it comes to an event so dignified as the Spordiaasta Tähed gala, I dare compare our ambition to add value to this event with a new personal best, speaking the language of sports. Perhaps no athlete will enter a top-level competition with less in mind," Nuutmann said.

"Spordiaasta Tähed 2016" is a gala concert produced by the Estonian Olympic Committee, combining the awarding of our best in the domain of sport with entertainment.

Being the umbrella organization of Estonian sports, the Estonian Olympic Committee champions fair play and Olympic values. The Estonian Olympic Committee ensures the preparation of top level athletes for competition and their participation in championship events, carries out programs for young athletes and promotes positive example to increase participation in physical exercise. The work of the Estonian Olympic Committee is supported largely by Estonian businesses. Its sponsors are Telia, ERGO, Ilves Extra, JCDecaux, Monton, NIKE, Olympic Casino, Paf, Silberauto.